Children's Church

Children's Sunday School at First United Presbyterian Church

Children's Sunday School at First United Presbyterian Church

Children learn through their five senses.  What better way to communicate Biblical truths, but through an educational experience that allows children to learn the "story" through multiple pathways.  Our Sunday School rooms are multi-dimensional learning environments that provide space for children to experience the same story over a four to five week period in the video room, drama room, game room, craft room, kitchen and multipurpose room.

Adult volunteers work in rooms where their particular passion and gift focus ONE entire lesson hour on ONE MAIN learning medium:  video/storytelling, drama, games, crafts or cooking.

The feedback from our children is that they love Sunday School and look forward each week to coming back to experience and learn more.  The volunteer teachers say they enjoy the freedom to teach the lesson they have a passion for, the games, the cooking, the drama, the craft or video/storytelling one week out of the cycle.  This prevents teacher burn-out!  

A balance is respected between Old Testament and New Testament stories, Christian living and the church calendar.  A scope and sequence of the lessons taught since FUPC began the rotation model in 2003 is available upon request from the Children's Director.