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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday October 31, 2014

Nov 5 - 1st UPtown Evening
Nov 12 - 1st UPtown Evening
Nov 13 - Session
Nov 15 - Boy Scout Food Drive
Nov 16 - OCC Boxes due
Nov 19 - 3rd Wednesday
Nov 23 - Membership Sunday, Hanging of the Greens
Nov 26 - 1st UPtown Evening
Nov 27-28 - Office closed
Nov 30 - 1st Sunday of Advent

Working Through the Tough 

Sometimes it is good to be a little late with writing your newsletter article.  At the beginning of the week, as I revisited my worship planning for Sunday, I was struck by the difficulty I was having in opening the Scriptures and finding something on which to hold.  I really was stuck and unable to find a clear path.  At the same time, as I was preparing for Wednesday night Bible Study, I slowly found peace (and maybe a little quiet) and the path began to come clear. 

I realize that for nearly eight months now I have asked you to trust me with some reshaping, reimagining, reemphasizing, and retooling of the church.  I also realize that some if not all of what I have been and am doing is difficult for you.  I hope that you see that while I am making changes, I am still trying to keep us grounded in our history.  It is my belief that we are so much more than what we are right now, and I will continue to push and pull, to challenge you, to ask hard questions, and to make you go deeper in your faith, your understanding of the Bible, and what it means to be a disciple than you ever thought possible, or were willing to be comfortable.  I am not doing it because I’m mean, I’m doing it because I love you; because I love this church, and I love this community.

So here is what I am asking: please continue to work through this with me, even when it seems difficult, even when the path does not seem clear, even when you become uncomfortable.  I see good things happening here.  I feel a great spirit of family growing here.  I see joy developing.  It is a lot to ask that you trust me, but I have made a promise that we will see great things here, and I want you all to be a part of what God is doing in this place.

Blessings and Peace, 

Pastor Jeff

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CAMA needs help in collecting new toys for their 15th annual toy distribution to 200 families on Decmeber 17, 2014.  Last year we were able to collect over 1095 toys and would like to collect more this year to make sure we have enough.  The families that benefit are all from Collinsville.

Please bring all new toys or monetary donations to the church by December 18, 2014.  All donations are appreciated and tax deductable.  If you cannot deliver your toys, please contact CAMA (3346-1861), and a representative will pick them up.  If you are interested in volunteering your time to help set up ro distribute toys, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for making christmas a little more special for some of Collinsville's children. 

The Mixxion/Outreach Committee of FUPC is encouraging our congregation to especially bring toys and gifts for 10-13 yer olds.
CAMA Christmas Committee, Jill Rice, Director  

Donations in memory of Richard Bilderback:  Lana Tayloe, Gary Porgard, Larry & Bonnie Krupp, Bernie & JoAnn Kunz, Paul & Mary Lee Muniz, Roger & Carolyn Beard, Nancy Engel, Warren & Laurie Carter, Tiddles Hedrick, Cindy Jones, John & Deb Nichols, Joe & Susan Smith, Mary Lee Baumgartner, Steve Esker, Rod & Thilerna French (capital needs), Leonard & Charlotte LaRoux, Gloria Alldredge, Jan Scanlan, Val & Larry Close, Joe & Natale' Muniz.  In memory of LaWanda Comer:  Gloria Alldredge, Deb Nichols.
We are looking for an Adult Nursery Attendant to work approximately 5 hours a week, Wednesday night and Sunday morning for our 10 AM service, and other times if nursery service is needed.  The object is to provide safe and secure child care for children of parents who attend church services and other special events at which nursery service is provided.

Persons interested must be at least 18 years of age, pass a background check, have experience with early child care and read and follow the child protection policy of the church.  If interested, please send a resume, and letter of application to the church office or 3-mail to matt_bader@sbcglobal.net.  All applications must be in by November 28, 2014.

The Personnel Committee

Guest speaker, Mark Wendleton, talked to session about a program called "New Beginnings".  We will be getting additional information from Presbytery.
Finance reported that there are several large bills that will be presented for payment this mont so we will be taking money from the Fidelity Account to pay for them.  The Capital Needs fund has received about $700 thus far.
The Sunday School classes are going well, we have 3-6 youth, 4-6 intermediates, and 4-8 in the kid's class.  In the adult parenting class people come and go, but the regular adult class has 8-10 attending.
There will be no Wednesday dinner before Thanksgiving.  On Sunday, November 23, we will have "Hanging of the Greens" followed by lunch.
Gary Childress celebrated his 20th year with the church and we had a luncheon honoring him following the Service on October 26th to celebrate. 
Nominating will provide us with a complete slate of prospective Elders and Deacons in November.
We will start home-bound Communion and will have at least one Elder and one Deacon to provide this service.
On November 23, we will accept new members into the Church.
Fall Family Fun Night was a success with a campfire in the courtyard, hot dogs, chili and soda.
Sarah Ross, Acting Clerk 

In September, the Session decided to undertake something that has not been done in decades - a Capital Needs Fund Drive.  The drive is being called "Under Construction".  A preliminary list of needs has been identified, and will continue to evolve as we move forward.  At this point we intend to conduct the drive in phases.  The first phase is to accomplish two items - roof repairs that had to be done this year and a new sign to replace the one taken for the 159 construction.  The goal for these two projects is $15,000.  The timeline for phase one is a late Winter/early Spring completion.

Once phase one is completed, we will move on to additional items - some of which are: improvements to the Video and Audio systems in the Sanctuary, improvements to the Audio/Video/Lighting in Westminster Hall, windows in the Nursery, a better handicapped entrance to Westminster Hall, and asbestos abatement, to name a few.

Bret Paden, for the Finance Committee
Our church is participating again this year in the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) project.  This is a project of Samaritan's Purse, Franklin Graham, President, based in Boone, NC.  If you wish to go online to learn more about the project, the website address is samaritanspurse.org.

The boxes to be filled are now available in the Narthex, along with the necessary brochures about how to fill a shoebox and the labels to mark the box for boy or girl and the appropriate age.  

National Collection Week is Novmeber 17-24, 2014, so Dedication Sunday for our shoesboxes will be on Sunday, November 16.

We are additing one new feature this year - if anyone would like to "fill a shoebox" but cannot do the shopping for it, let one of us know and we'll shop for you - based on the age of boy or girl you want to sponsor.

Janet Butts is again serving as coordinator, with help from others including Stacy Kneedler & the Youth Group, Ashley Young, Bruce Rudis and Alice Bilderback.  Anyone who wishes to help please let Janet know at 345-4964 or candjbutts65@gmail.com
Weekly Worship Opportunities
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Service:
Coffee 8:45 - 9:45
Sunday School 9:00
Worship Service 10:00
Our previous Sunday’s worship service is broadcast on Charter Cable Channels 18 & 994 at 11:00 a.m. on Friday mornings.

Things You Can Do To Make A Big Difference!
Bring the pantry your plastic grocery bags
Volunteer 2 hours 2 times per year
Bring us 1 roll of toilet paper a month
Bring us 1 bar of soap a month
NEVER take the pantry off your prayer list

Please email Birthday Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
1 - Jackson Evers, Pam Hylton; 4 - Clark Evers; 9 - Jeri Kingsbury, Mildred Kuykendall; 11 - Susanna Benson; 14 - Cal Butts, Don Hedrick; 17 - Bruce Rudis; 19 - Alice Bilderback; 22 - Lloyd Bender; 24 - Paul Muniz; 25 - Vi Hightower.
Please email Anniversary Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
3 - Levi & Amanda Hausman; 12 - Brad & Linda Kunz; 26 - Bernie & JoAnn Kunz.
Prayer Concerns

We Lift Up in Prayer to God…
Please email your prayer concerns and updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
Jeannie Nicol, Pastor Jeff, Roland Rudis, Cindy Jones, Kurt Kingsbury, Toni Baltizar, Gus Economy, Karen Hills Evans, Lois Linton, Don Hedrick. Virginia Odom.

To My Church Family,
Thank you so much for the plant from the church for Richard's funeral, the wonderful lunch afterwards, all the cards, visits, and phone calls, the memorials in his name, and all the offers of help and support.  A special thank you to Pastor Jeff for the wonderful service.  At a time like this we really appreciate all our church family.
Sincerely, Alice, Robiert & Teresa Bilderback

The Family of Lawanda Comer thanks the Church for the flowers.  God Bless Everyone.

Thank you for the care package.  It really brightened my day.  It's nice to be thought of.
Thanks, Meagan Kunz

Thank you so much for sending me the package full of goodies!  Midterms are this week, (Oct. 13), so it came at the perfect time!  It was so kind of you to think of me!  
Love, Miranda Cleland

Dear Church People:
Thank you for recently celebrating my 20 years of service working at your church.  From the recognition by Pastor Jeff, along with his presentation of the nice gift of a cross at the Worship Service, followed by the tasty lasagna lunch and the great pies for dessert, to the cards with the thoughtful messages and gifts, I appreciate all that was done.  I'm sure I'll always remember that last Sunday in October.
Gary Childress
If you want information printed in the December Presenter please send you information to the office by Monday, November 24.
Please Remember
Please remember the Church in your will.
Men's Lunch
Retired Men's Lunch and Social Hour every Thursday at 12:00 noon at Denny's Collinsville.  Please join us.
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