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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday October 3, 2014

Oct 1 - 1stUPtown
Oct 5 - New Members Class begins
Oct 8 - 1stUPtown
Oct 12 - New Members Class
             Confirmation Class
Oct 15 - 1stUPtown
Oct 19 - New Members Class
Oct 22 - Fall Family Fun Fest @ First
Oct 26 - Gary Childress 20 year celebration
             New members Class
             Confirmation Class
Oct 29 - 1stUPtown
Being Available When It is Needed Most

There are times when we see someone in need.  It is often difficult for us to move ourselves to help, or even to be concerned.  We are good about taking care of ourselves and those in our immediate circles, but we struggle to move beyond our comfortable places and relationships.  I know that what I am about to say is very difficult.  I know that it takes us beyond our comfort zone.  I know that it is a hard thing to change in ourselves.

We need to be making a true effort to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones, and beyond our familiar relationships.  We are called to be the body of Christ, and that includes the going out part of the Gospel.  I know it is difficult, but more often than not just being available to be with someone is what they need most.
We live in a society that suggests throwing money at a problem solves the situation.  We often believe that all we need to do is throw money at the beggars and the problem is solved.  The reality is that money alone does not solve the problem.  We need to be active in the missions that money supports.  We need to be active in where our money is going, and with whom it is going.  We need to be present when it is needed most.

Do not get me wrong, for some of you, your financial giving is a great way to participate in mission, and I do not want you to stop giving to faithful ministries.  Yet, for some others, you cannot give financially in the way that you would like or feel compelled, but you can give of your time and energy. This is what makes us a great church family.  Together we can do mission through prayer warriors, financial givers, and active doers.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider how you may be able to go out and be a part of mission.  Take a few moments every day to pray on how God may use you for a better church, a better neighborhood, a better community, a better city, a better state, a better nation, and a better world.  Pray without ceasing brothers and sisters, and listen for the Lord.

In all you do may you know the Living Lord, Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jeff
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C.E.L.L. Initiative
Christians Excelling at Living out Love is a small group initiative that focuses on spiritual growth and accountability.  We will begin with several small groups, hopefully 4 groups of about 6, in January of 2015.  Leaders will meet with Pastor Jeff for training and building a format.  The purpose of these groups is to promote in-depth spiritual practices that allow us to explore our relationships with the Triune God.  It will also provide a safe and confidential space for sharing of concerns, prayers, and struggles.  It is preferred that these meet at least monthly, but it can be more often as each group feels the necessity.
In September, the Session decided to undertake something that has not been done in decades - a Capital Needs Fund Drive.  The drive is being called "Under Construction".  A preliminary list of needs has been identified, and will continue to evolve as we move forward.  At this point we intend to conduct the drive in phases.  The first phase is to accomplish two items - roof repairs that had to be done this year and a new sign to replace the one taken for the 159 construction.  The goal for these two projects is $15,000.  The timeline for phase one is a late Winter/early Spring completion.

Once phase one is completed, we will move on to additional items - some of which are: improvements to the Video and Audio systems in the Sanctuary, improvements to the Audio/Video/Lighting in Westminster Hall, windows in the Nursery, a better handicapped entrance to Westminster Hall, and asbestos abatement, to name a few.

Bret Paden, for the Finance Committee
Mark your calendars for October 22nd!  Alice and her committee will be serving chili & chili dogs.  There will be no Bible Study on that evening but there will be choir.  There will be many festivities, including a costume contest for the kids (adults can dress up also), face painting, caramel apples, and a Country Store.  Start your baking...we would like to have fresh baked goods for sale.  We also will have a bonfire and other fun things to do.  If you have ideas for an activity, please contact the office. Also, BRING YOUR FRIENDS!  The more the Merrier!  More info to come, so watch for updates in your bulletin.
October 1, 2014 marked 20 years of service for Gary Childress as custodian at FUPC.  We are planning to celebrate this special occastion on Sunday, October 26.  We will begin by honoring Gary at the Worship Service and Fellowship plans a Lasagna Dinner immediately following.

We would like to celebrate Gary's hard work and dedication to our church with a Love Gift.  If you would be able to contribute to this, please contact Debbie in the Office.  We would also like to have a basket of cards to present Gary on that date, so please consider that also.  We are so fortunate to have had Gary's service for such a long time and we look forward to working with him for many more years to come!!!

Information for the website for Glenwood Cemetery has been completed and is available for grave site information.
Calvin Butts and Rod French attended a Treasurers Training Session at the Presbyterian Church in Wood River, IL in September.
The Christian Education Committee is pleased with the turnout for the first day of Sunday School.  Fellowship provided both a brunch and lunch for this kickoff event.
Membership and Evangelism passed out door hangers to be distributed in the community.
Session is hoping to start Communion for the shut-ins in the near future and Pastor Jeff is planning to start a New Members Class in October and a Confirmation Class is scheduled for the future.
Please be thinking of people that you would like to nominate for new Elders (3) and Deacons (4) and pass these names on to Paul Muniz.
Jodee Kleb, Clerk of Session 















Weekly Worship Opportunities
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Service:
Coffee 8:45 - 9:45
Sunday School 9:00
Worship Service 10:00
Our previous Sunday’s worship service is broadcast on Charter Cable Channels 18 & 994 at 11:00 a.m. on Friday mornings.
Please email Birthday Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
4 - Julie Muniz; 4 - Anne Tennant; 8 - Gail Shaw; 9 - Karen Kneedler; 10 - Jack Benson, Cole Benson, Ralph Hylton; 12 - Chyler Govreau; 14 - Val Close, Jim Dellamano; 17 - Al Nicol; 19 - Bret Paden, Jodee Kleb; 20 - Brenda Caselli, Caroline Cardinal; 24 - Amanda Hausman; 26 - John Nichols; 27 - Jessie Wright; 29 - Shirley Paden.
Please email Anniversary Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
7 - Ryan & Kristin Kneedler; 10 - Matt & Kristine Cleland; 16 - Bret & Shirley Paden; 28 - Jim & Marry Beth Dellamano.
Prayer Concerns

We Lift Up in Prayer to God…
Please email your prayer concerns and updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
Ray Banks, Dick Bilderback, Bill Korte, Lisa Boyer, Roland Rudis, Jeff Tennant, Gus Economy, Karen Hills Evans, Toni Baltizar, Evelyn Breeze.

The Youth Group wants to thank everybody for either working the parking lot, parking in the lot, or telling your friends about the parking lot during Italian Fest weekend.  We made $625.00 and this would not have been possible without all of you.
 God Bless & Thank You All - The Youth Group

Judy Tillman, 530 Parkside Commons, Collinsville, IL  62234
Meagan Kunz, 1710 N. Spring St., Apt. 510A, Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
Austin Dellamano, West Campus Suites, 2209 W. Normal St., Kirksville, MO  63501 
If you want information printed in the November Presenter please send you information to the office by Monday, October 27.
Please Remember
Please remember the Church in your will.
Men's Lunch
Retired Men's Lunch and Social Hour every Thursday at 12:00 noon at Denny's Collinsville.  Please join us.
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