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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday September 5, 2014

8:45 - Brunch
9:00 - Sunday School
10:00 - Worship with Communion & Children's Church
11:00 - Congregation Meeting
11:15 - Lunch by Fellowship
Seotenber 10 - 1st Uptown Dinner & Activities
September 11 - Session 
September 17 - 1st Uptown Dinner & Activities
September 18 - Small Group - 7p
September 19 - Small Group - 10a
September 24 - 1st Uptown Dinner & Activities
September 29-Oct 3 - Meals on Wheels week 

Turning the Corner

 We are a church on a corner.  When we turn the corner we are immediately in the neighbor that is around us.  We are not separated from the community; we are in the heart of it.  I believe that we need to be the heart of it.  I have been at work trying to fix the foundation of our church, the metaphorical not the actual.  The actual foundation is still in really good shape, and now the metaphorical is back to strength.  So now, we need to turn the corner.  We still have work to do on the inside, but we can now start working on the outside as well.  It is time that we start focusing some of our efforts on the world around us.  One thing that we have wanted to replace for some time now is the sign at the corner.  We want to put up an electronic sign that can inform the world of what we are doing inside.  I think this is a great idea, and yes we need to do it, and yes I would prefer that it had already happened.  There are a few problems with the sign.  First, it does not go anywhere.  It sits and waits for people to come to it.  (Sound familiar)  Another is that it only helps to tell people about our calendar.  And finally, it is impersonal.  The greatest sign that we can have for our church is you.  Yes, you.  All of us are a far better sign for the church than something on a street corner.  This is one reason that I am excited about looking at designs for new shirts for us.  I am hoping that you will love them and want to wear them everywhere you go.  I am also hopeful that we will start being more active in volunteering at local festivals and activities.  These are great places to wear church shirts.  It helps even more people see our name, but more importantly it helps people see who the church is, and not what its building is.  And, if we are living out our discipleship, these signs encourage others to want to live that same life.  I am excited about the many things that we do in the church, and I believe are great moments in our life as a congregation.  But, we need to be living outside of here and in the community.  We need to be visible to the community that Christ is among them and working for a better Collinsville and surrounding area.  Let’s get up and go.     

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Starting the first Sunday in October, Pastor Jeff will be having a New Members Class following Worship.  If you are interested, please put this on your schedule.

The former Wednesday Night Small Group is changing to Thursday nights to allow members to attend the Wednesday evening activities at church.  We will meet the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7 PM. We are beginning the study of Romans.  If you would like more information, contact Mary Lee Muniz.

Save the Date - Wednesday, October 22nd!!!  We are planning a FALL FAMILY FUN FEST!!!  This will be a church-wide fun night.  We have many ideas in mind, but we want your ideas and help to make this a night to remember.  We will start with dinner, and some suggestions for activities are pumpkin decorating, Safe Trick or Treating, a Country Store, Caramel applies, Face Painting, etc.  Put your thinking caps on and help us plan a wonderful Fall event.  If you have ideas for a fun booth or activity, call the church office and let us know how you wold like to help!

Our FUPC Meals on Wheels delivery dates are September 29-October 3.  We could always use an extra smiling face to deliver meals.  If you have a free hour on any of those days, please call Debbie in the church office.  We would love to have you join us.

If anyone is looking for a sewing project, there is a lot of material in a cupboard in the Pre-K room. Also there are quilt tops sewn if anyone would like to tie a cover.  If you have questions, see Alice or Allyson.  We are thinking of giving finished products of any size to the Women's Shelter in Belleville.

1st Uptown Dinner on Wednesday, September 10 will be Sloppy Joes! 
The Italian Fest is September 19-20.  The Youth plan on selling parking spots for $5.00.  If you plan on visiting the Italian Fest please come and support the Youth Group and please share this good news with friends and family.  We also are looking for a few good parking lot attendants.  If interested please contact Stacy Kneedler (618-978-5269).  There are several shifts to choose from.
Weekly Worship Opportunities
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Service:
Coffee 8:45 - 9:45
Sunday School 9:00
Worship Service 10:00
Our previous Sunday’s worship service is broadcast on Charter Cable Channels 18 & 994 at 11:00 a.m. on Friday mornings.
Please email Birthday Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
6 - Alex Dow; 7 - Kristine Cleland; 9 - Vivian Bader; 10 - Anita Maxson; 14 - Linda Kunz; 17 - Lauren Carter; 18 - Alan Bogovich; 20 - Lyle Hill; 23 - Connor Cardinal; 24 - Deb Nichols; 25 - Philip Carter; 29 - Connie Murphy; 30 - Monica Paden.
Please email Anniversary Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
1 - Regina & Robert Cundall; Lloyd & Mary Shaw; Clark & Sara Evers; Bill & Marie Wolfe.  22 - Lloyd & Susan Bender.  27 - Steve & Jodi Tahsler.
Prayer Concerns

We Lift Up in Prayer to God…
Please email your prayer concerns and updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
Ray Banks, Dick Bilderback, Bill Korte, Lisa Boyer, Roland Rudis, Jeff Tennant, Gus Economy, Ashley Stayton

Thank you to Clancy Mills for crafting and installing molding to cover the TV cords in the Sanctuary.  He did a beautiful job and it all blends in beautifully wth our woodwork.  Thank you again Clancy!

Thanks to Bonnie & Larry Krupp who are mainly responsible for the lovely curtains in the Nursery.  Bonnie sewed and lined them and Larry installed the rods.  If you haven't taken a look at the Nursery, please do so.  It's a great place for the little ones.
Miranda Cleland, McDowell 318B, 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC  20016
Michelle Nichols, 3839 Madison St., Denver, CO  80205
Alex Dow, 2215A S. 12th St., St. Louis, MO  63104
Autumn & rick Taylor, 506 S. 8th St., Coal Valley, IL  61240
Sherri & John Finke, 919 Southwind Ct., Collinsville, IL  62234
If you want information printed in the October Presenter please send you information to the office by Friday, September 26.
Please Remember
Please remember the Church in your will.
Men's Lunch
Retired Men's Lunch and Social Hour every Thursday at 12:00 noon at Denny's Collinsville.  Please join us.
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