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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday August 1, 2014


 The Wandering Mind – We Are Under Construction

 Last Sunday I opened worship with our new direction, “We Are Under Construction”.  While I know that the road construction by us is still fresh in your minds, and that you are still reminded of it every day north of the church, I feel this is a great message, not only for us here, but for the community around us.  We are not a finished product.  We are still being formed everyday by the Lord, and we still have a vast amount of learning, growing, shaping, and understanding before us.  We are also working on needed upgrades, improvements, and renovations to our building, Christian education, fellowship, leadership, and church/family culture.

 I am excited, and I hope you are as well.  I know change can be scary, and it has often led to problems in this congregation.  I do not take lightly any of the changes that we are working on, nor am I trying to do them alone or without discussion.  I see great potential in all of you, and I want to help that come out.  We have been focused mostly on the interior of our congregation, but over the next six months, I am slowly going to be working towards the next phase that will include working on our outward witness.

 This week we have managed to add one more new element to worship.  Well, at least change the element.  Through our own labor we have installed 5 television screens that will replace the projector and screen.  I want to thank Al Nicol, his son Mark Nicol, and one of Mark’s friends for their help in delivering the televisions to the church, placing the wall mounts, and mounting the televisions.  This was a considerable amount of labor, especially carrying the screens up ladders and making small adjustments while well above the ground.  Clancy Mills, Paul Muniz, and Brian Muniz did great work in getting the cabling cleaned up and run.  There is still more to do with this part of the project, but we are up and running and ready for Sunday.

 There is a lot that will be coming soon, and we are looking forward to working together.  Your time, talents, and giving are greatly appreciated as we move in a new direction.  I pray that you are finding a place that you feel called in the life of the church.  We will create new and exciting opportunities as together we help to build up one another, build up our congregation, and build up the blessings of God to this community.

In all you do may you know the Living Lord, Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jeff


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August 10 - Membership/Evangelism Committee 
August 14 - Session
August 28 - Cemetery Friends
Please email Anniversary Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
1 - Chuck & Anne Tennant; 8 - Brian & Kelly Brown; 15 - Clarke & Nancy Harding; 16 - Brian & Julie Muniz, Tom & Anita Maxson; 23 - Jack & Jeri Howard; 31 - Ralph & Pam Hylton.
This month the Mission/Outreach Committee would like you to bring school supplies for elementary students and place them in a box in the Narthex.  School glue, crayons, Kleenex, pencils, paper, blunt scissors, and anything else you can remember your kids needing.  We thank you for doing this as do the children.
To My Church Family,
Thans you for your prayers and cards during my illness.  Also, thanks to those who brought food. Thanks for all the phone calls. It was all appreciated.  In Christ, Val Close

Thank you to all of the VBS School helpers that made Christ come alive with stories, songs, games, food, and most of all prayers for the young children.  Attendance was small, but mighty.  We began with 14 children on Monday, grew to 15 on Tuesday, 16 on Wednesday, and finishing with 14 on Thursday.   
To God be the Glory - Thilerna 
A memorable Bible School was held this year, in the evenings for the first time, and attended by many of our younger children, full of energy and excitement!  They were led by our four crew leaders: Mary Lee, Dottie, Lyndsay, and Natale'.  We heard much laughter and squeals of delight as well as noise of little feet on the move each day.

In crafts with Jo, the children made gift bags for the needy and a VBS shirt for themselves, played games outdoors with Brian and Joe, sang with Ashley and Karen, watched drama with Pastor Jeff, Sarah, Miles and Mallory, and enjoyed snacks with Vivian and Susie.  Val & Kristine arranged snacks for the adults.  Thilerna and Jodi handled registration and the congregation came through, as always, with donations we needed.

The last day, helium balloons carrying messages from the children to God and were released into the sky.  This is truly a joint effort...VBS "takes a family"...a church family...like ours.  
A very sincere thanks to all!  Jeri Howard

Session Minutes for the Presenter – July 2014

 The Session voted to accept the By-Laws and to present them to the congregation at the September 7th Worship Service.  We will also be presenting a list of projects to be covered by a Fund Raiser (start date to be determined). 

Session Minutes from 1868 through present have been located and information on digitizing them has been turned over to the Historical Preservation Group;  Bonnie Krupp, Chair, Susan Gore, Thilerna French, Debbie Nichols and Gloria Alldredge.

The Treasurer’s report and the Session minutes for June were approved.  Property and Grounds reported that the move from the nursery to the old meeting room has been completed and the nursery has been painted.  We will not remove the mural painted on the meeting room wall. 

Both the evening Vacation Bible School and the Youth Trip have been completed.

Pastor Jeff submitted the proposed changes to the Ministry Structure and the Session voted to start to implement these changes. 

 Jodee Kleb, Clerk of Session








Weekly Worship Opportunities
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Service:
Coffee 8:45 - 9:45

Worship Service 10:00
Our previous Sunday’s worship service is broadcast on Charter Cable Channels 18 & 994 at 11:00 a.m. on Friday mornings.
Sunday School
August is going to fly by!  Be thinking about Sunday School that will start on September 7, the Sunday after Labor Day.  We would like to have THREE classes this year for the youth - younger kids, middle school age kids, and high schoolers, but that means we need TEACHERS!  If you are interested, please speak to one of the members of the Christian Education committee.
As always, it's on a rotating schedule, so you aren't committed for the whole year.  We would like the high-school teachers to commit to a few weeks in a row at a time, if possible, but the younger ages go week to week.  We also want to have an ADULT class at the same time (9 AM on Sunday mornings)!  
Curriculum will be provided for ALL levels, but WE NEED LEADERS AND STUDENTS!  More information will become available as we order the curriculum, but please let one of us know if you're willing to teach and what level so we can plan accordingly.  
Christian Ed:  Jodi Tahsler, Jeri Howard, Bonnie Krupp, Ashley Young

Please email Birthday Updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
2 - Gary Childress; 4 - Opal Rost, Steve Tahsler; 5 - Tom Ross; 7 - Larry Krupp; 8 - Louise Busiere; 14 - Avery Cleland; Lesley Drenkhahn; 17 - Riley Stowers; 19 - Andria Whiteside; 20 - Brad Kneedler; 21 - Alex Stowers; 24 - Regina Cundall; 28 - Jodi Tahsler; 29 - Brian Muniz, Mason Muniz; 30 - Jeannie Nicol, Brad Kunz, Andrew Hylton; 31 - Bryce Dellamano.
Prayer Concerns

We Lift Up in Prayer to God…
Please email your prayer concerns and updates to: office@fupcoll.org or call 344-1109
Susan Snauffer Angela Bickel, Ray Banks, Deloris Shotwell, Bill Korte, Tammy Hubert, Lisa Boyer, Marlyn Kruescheck, long term persons & all service personnel.

If you want information printed in the September Presenter please send you information to the office by Friday, August 29.
Please Remember
Please remember the Church in your will.
Men's Lunch
Retired Men's Lunch and Social Hour every Thursday at 12:00 noon at Denny's Collinsville.  Please join us.
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